Echo Dot SetupConnect Alexa to wifi

If you are a technology freak, you must be knowing that using the Amazon Echo Dot device is one of the best home automation ideas.  You can simply connect Alexa to Wi-Fi and start using the Echo Dot services.  To know about the real working of the Echo Dot device, you must know about the use of every button and light present on the device.  Most of the Amazon devices work in the same way. The Echo Dot device comes with a light ring, action button, volume control, and microphone button.  In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions that will help you to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi and use the Echo Dot services.

Starting with your Amazon Echo Dot device,  you can simply say ‘Alexa’ following the command you want to execute after the setup.  If the Amazon Echo Dot device recognizes your voice, it will turn the ring light to blue indicating that it is listening to your voice command. 

 How to connect Echo Dot to wifi?

After purchasing the Amazon Echo device, how to connect Echo Dot to wifi is usually the first question that comes from the majority of users.  This is the first step towards Alexa’s setup.

Below, we are sharing the step by step instructions for the Alexa Wi-Fi setup on your device.  Make sure that you follow all the guidelines mentioned carefully step by step to avoid any kind of trouble in the setup process.

Connect Alexa to WiFi: Steps to follow

  • You can start by downloading the application on your device.  You can download the Alexa app from the supported app store or Google Play Store on your device.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded it application, launch it with the click. now, Enter the Amazon account login details to sign into the application.
  • Once prompted, the users are supposed to click on the ‘Get Started’ tab.
  • Now, the Alexa app will ask you to choose the name of the Amazon account from the list displayed.  If you are unable to find the name, you can choose the option ‘ I am someone else’.
  • The Amazon will  Request you to access the contacts and notification.   It is not desirable for completing the Alexa Wi-Fi setup, so you can either click on the allow option for later according to your preference and proceed to the next step.
  • Tab on the Alexa menu ( three horizontal lines).  You can find it in the upper left corner. Once you are able to see the dropdown list, you can choose the settings option.
  • Here, click on Add a new device button.
  • You can select your device from the list appearing on your screen.
  • Choose your Echo Dot model and follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process.

With the help of the aforementioned instructions, you can easily connect Alexa to WiFI and start using the smart services offered by the Amazon Echo Dot device.  Connecting the Alexa to Wi-Fi not only allows you to automate your home, but also let you perform plenty of smart tasks.   For example, you can book an Uber using the Alexa app, or you can order pizza, check the weather and a lot more. Amazon Alexa device also allows the users to enjoy the best entertainment services with Pandora, Spotify, etc.

So follow the guidelines carefully and complete the process without any hassle.  However, if you have any doubt or confusion related to the Alexa Wi-Fi setup,  feel free to contact the experts anytime to troubleshoot your problem