Echo Dot Setup

Alexa setup

Amazon Alexa is a smart virtual assistant that comes built-in in every Amazon Echo device.  To use the Alexa services, a user needs to complete the Alexa setup.  The application becomes more powerful when you add more skills to it.  You can use the Alexa app to control the different Smart home devices like smart light, thermostats, smart switches,  smart locks, and a lot more. So if you have just purchased a new Amazon Echo device and want to complete the Alexa setup,  you can read this guide and follow the instructions.  In this guide, we have shared all the necessary details that you need to set up your Alexa app.

From operating the smart TV to security cameras and kitchen appliances, the Amazon Alexa app has become an integral member of many families.  With thousands of skills, Amazon Alexa is becoming smarter with each passing day and capable of performing a number of smart tasks like; tracking your fitness, playing music, controlling smart home devices and a lot more.

Before you get started

Prior to your Amazon Alexa app setup, you need to select the best location to place your device. Prefer to place your device in some central location like your living room, kitchen countertop or beside the table. This will help your device to receive clear Wi-Fi signals- free from obstructions like baby monitors, walls, microwave ovens, etc that can affect the device functionality.

How to set up the Amazon Alexa app?

Amazon Alexa app set up for the Echo device allows users to play music, set alarms, and timers, control smart home devices, check the weather forecast and traffic information,  and a lot more. Below is the step by step details for Amazon Alexa app setup:

  • Turn on your Amazon Echo Device by plugging it into the power outlet. 
  • Now, Download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone device.  You can download it using the supported app store. 
  • Open the supported App Store on your device for the Alexa setup. In the search bar type Amazon Alexa app.
  • From the result displayed on the screen, choose the Amazon Alexa app and click on it to begin the downloading.
  • Follow onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.  Once you have installed the application successfully, click to open it and log in using your Amazon account details.
  • Now,  in the bottom right corner of your Alexa screen, choose the ‘Devices’ option.  
  • You have to click on the ‘+’ icon present in the top right corner to add the device.
  • Choose the ‘Add Device’ option. 
  • Now, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the device setup.

To get started, you can simply use your voice and say ‘Alexa’.  This is the Wake word used to wake Alexa. Every time you want to talk to Alexa, you need to use this wake word first, otherwise, Alexa will not execute your commands.  If you want to change the wake word, you can change it from the settings menu. The wake word indicates that your device is recording and sending your request to Amazon’s secure cloud.

Wrapping Up

With the Amazon Alexa app, a user can perform plenty of smart tasks and make life simpler.  The above is the simple step by step guidelines that can help to complete the Amazon Alexa app setup for Amazon Echo device.  So, follow the instructions carefully and complete the process without any trouble.  While setting up the application, make sure you have an active internet connection. In case you face any problem during the Alexa setup,  feel free to contact the professional anytime you want and take their advice to troubleshoot the problem so that you continue using the Alexa services without any hassle.